Nyendo travel hand in hand

offers a varied program where nature, culture and social concerns fit perfectly together. We experience both recreation and adventure, we are inspired by everything around us and take it home as a lasting impression of the country.

Personal encounters are especially important.

We understand travelling as an act of giving and taking between guests and hosts, a true hand in hand guesture. We cordially invite you to join us on a journey to the very heart of other continents.


A journey for young people to Kenya

Emanuel Wutte offers a journey for young people again in 2013.

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Nyendo Travel receives CRS-Certification

Prof. Klaus Töpfer awards the seal of quality called "CRS Tourism Certified".

Altogether eight travel agents, among them Nyendo Travel, received high praise from the forum "travelling in a different way". The former German minister for environmental concerns Prof. Klaus Töpfer accredited their effective efforts in sustainment with the certificate "CRS Tourism Certified" at the ITB in Berlin on March 7, 2012.